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If you love Reiki, smile. January 31, 2014

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“I cannot imagine a Christian who does not know how to smile. May we joyfully witness to our faith.”
—Pope Francis, @Pontifex

This holds true for those of us who follow the Reiki Way, too. If we aren’t joyful, what are we? There’s nothing like seeing the tense, worried, possibly ill faces of students in a Reiki class or share break into huge grins, literally light up, as you smile, laugh, joke, and spread the joy. Happiness is, after all, our natural state.

Taking ourselves too seriously is an ego trip, the opposite of Usui Founder’s teachings. We did not become Reiki teachers and practitioners to pontificate, to hold ourselves above the lowly masses, for mercy’s sake! We embraced Reiki, as it embraces us, to find eternal joy.

All great spiritual teachers radiate joy and laughter, even in the midst of circumstances that are, to us, unbearable. The Dalai Lama is always smiling and laughing, even after having been driven out of his homeland and position by the Chinese under Mao. Thich Nhat Hanh’s face radiates his joy, even though he saw his people suffer the horrors of the Vietnam war. Blessed Mother Teresa’s homely face radiated love and happiness, even as she pulled maggot-ridden, starving, dying beggars from the gutters of Calcutta. No great spiritual teacher takes themselves seriously; they know the notion of “self” is a tiny thing, and the beauty and delight of the world are huge.

Think of the joy that must have radiated from Usui Founder, the spontaneous, delighted smile on Hayashi Sensei’s face, the radiance shining from Takata Sensei. If you’ve been lucky enough to see them, remember the droll humor teachers like Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei and Frans Steine bring to their classes.

Just for today, remember to smile.



1. Huma - February 1, 2014

Quite right!

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