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Wag more, bark less. January 30, 2014

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Tearing people down never builds anyone up. I was reminded of this when reading that Rolling Stone magazine had just put Pope Francis on its cover and featured a 7,000-word article about him. (Maybe the Dalai Lama will be next!) But unfortunately, in praising Francis’s impact on the Church and the world, the article lit into his predecessor, Benedict, in a manner that could only be called mean, comparing him to Freddy Krueger, the murderous monster in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” horror movies, and saying that he was enough to give teens nightmares.

Poor Pope Francis! Imagine him cringing in his guest-house room, thinking about how those words must be hurting his frail, ailing predecessor. Thinking about how he was somehow the cause of this pain, since by trying to do good, and through no fault of his, he had inadvertently brought ridicule on an already suffering man. I’ll bet he’d like to crawl into Saint Peter’s crypt right now and hide there.

This brought to mind Reiki teachers who imply or even announce that their teachings are better than other Reiki teachers’, or even that they alone possess the “true” or original Reiki teachings. Folks, there are an awful lot of Reiki teachers out there, and Usui Founder isn’t here to tell us which hold right teachings, who are great teachers.

Rather than denigrating others’ teachings and/or systems, I think Reiki teachers should bear in mind the Biblical phrase, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” There’s no need to say that others’ teachings are bad to show that yours are good. The students will discover that on their own. All you need to do is outline what you’ll be teaching so they know what to expect, and then bring those teachings to life for every student in your classes. From your description, students will know if they’re drawn to your teaching; from your classes, they’ll know if you’re a gifted teacher. There is no need to say a word about either topic, and every need not to do so.

This also holds true for practitioners who feel a need to bolster their egos and/or Reiki practices at their fellow practitioners’ expense. My hands are hotter! I can see auras! I get impressions! My intuition is stronger! Hey, how on earth could you know? This isn’t about you, it’s about Reiki.

People don’t like braggarts. They don’t like egotists. They know that underneath this sniping is a scam: Either profound insecurity or cutthroat, greed-based marketing or both.

Reiki is not a competition. It’s a life Way. Follow that Way. Learn all you can from others who are on the path, honor those who have helped you on your own path, but whatever you think of those you disagree with, let those thoughts float free. If you hold them in or spread them, they will diminish you and hinder you on your Way. Reiki is not a competition.

My favorite bumper sticker says “Wag more, bark less.” We could all learn a lot from that.

Just for today, don’t let your ego do the talking.



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