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Dying at our doorstep. October 20, 2013

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“Too often we are blinded by our comfortable lives, and refuse to see those dying at our doorstep.”

—Pope Francis, @Pontifex

I’m made aware of Pope Francis’s point every morning when I turn on my computer and the Yahoo! homepage comes up. This “page” contains all the so-called news of the day, and it’s a very, very long slog down to the end of it, covering in the process an awful lot of territory. It takes me an hour just to scroll down through the headlines and read the ones that are of interest.

At a guess, more than half the links are for sports, celebrities, fashion, the latest Apple products and competitors, and other aspects of popular culture. That leaves a bit more than a third of the coverage for world news, science, religion, culture, pets, health, and food—the topics that interest me.

Scanning down the dozens of headlines, I know that I myself have too often clicked on the links to “The 7 Best Lasagna Recipes” or “10 Foods That Prevent Cancer!” or “New Fossil Find in Siberia” or even “Latest Update on ‘The Hobbit: Part Two’” rather than reading more than the headline and summary of the latest fatal plane crash, abduction, suicide bombing, or sinking refugee ship. Not to mention droughts, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, crop failures, global warming, and ongoing concerns over nuclear reactor malfunctions, nuclear and chemical weapons, new strains of horrific diseases, and the like. The news is bad enough as a headline and blurb.

Okay, maybe none of this is happening “on my doorstep”—at least not at the moment. But the suffering homeless are living in rescue missions and under bridges and lining up at soup kitchens in towns just 45 minutes from my rural home. There aren’t many of them, compared to the homeless and disenfranchised in the “big cities” like Philadelphia, New York, Boston and D.C. But that doesn’t mean they’re not, figuratively speaking at least, dying on my doorstep, especially with winter coming.

For those of us who follow the Reiki Way, everything and everyone is connected. When a leaf falls, when a field is paved over to make way for warehouses and shopping centers, when an animal is hit in the road or dumped at a shelter or euthanized, we are diminished. When a child is abused or a victim is tortured or a refugee drowns or someone is killed, whether what kills him or her is a gun or a bomb or a crash or a terminal disease, we are diminished. We feel each loss, each pain, each terror as our own, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Becoming one with the All, with All There Is—or more precisely, remembering that we are one with the All—is our goal on the Reiki path. It is why Usui Founder gave us the Five Reiki Principles (aka Precepts, Ideals) to serve as a map and guidebook along our Way. Every single practice in Reiki points to just that one thing, to sensitizing us to our connection with everything else, for only through that profound and cell-deep realization can we hope to achieve satori, enlightenment, which is nothing more than realizing, in the eternal present, our complete and total connection to the All.

Just for today, let us see and not be blinded.


1. 2flames1soul - October 21, 2013

You speak the truth… Aho ♥

Thank you, 2flames!

2. Huma - October 21, 2013

I like Pope Francis!

So far so good!

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